Product Architecture

Our mission is to make more and more live, healthy and delicious products available on grocery shelves, in supermarkets and online. We develop food-tech solutions and new foods - organic, functional, nutraceutical and microbiome supportive - for different age consumers in different geographic regions.

We've managed to make a true viable fusion of culinary art, food science and product prototyping for testing the commercial hypotheses before major investment into marketing or production. With CMYK Ingredients food R&D is affordable and accessible not only to large food or retail corporations, but also to SMEs and startups!

From idea to shelf within 3 to 6 months

Case study

Flavored Nuts

Challenge: create delicious organic snacks with ultra-thin coating for the EU market (healthy alternative to conventional products)

Result: product range - flavored nuts with world cuisine tastes (teriyaki, masala, Italian herbs, American BBQ, Balkan, etc.)

Liquid Fermented Spices&Herbs Mix

Challenge: create an alternative product for alcohol extraction

Result: developed a series of nutraceutical products for use in food (happy brain, happy mood, happy gut, happy sleep). Each product takes advantage of due strengths of spices.

Product: Ice cream

Challenge: create a wide range of flavors for organic ice cream, with a stable taste, independent of the season.

Result: more than 35 different flavor combinations for ice cream and sorbets have been developed, some of which are perfect for HoReCa usage

Product: Functional Fermented Drink

Challenge: create a solution for unpasteurized kombucha and maintain the living component

Result: Concentrated Functional Fermented drink. Added to water makes kombucha on the spot. A convenient take away solution.

Product: Flavor Butter

Challenge: maintain a consistent butter flavor and reduce cooking time in the HoReCa.

Result: solid sauces based on butter (with 5 types of taste and color). Good for breakfast, garnish

Product: Berry Snacks

Challenge: create easy to use alternative to berry jam, which preserves all the vitamins

Result: a unique formula that is suitable for athletes. Basic ingredients: berries, flaxseed, spices. Perfect snacks for the millennials.

Let’s start:

  • Send your thoughts/inquiry to

  • We evaluate the task and your requirements for taste, shape, quality and marketing expectations.

  • In certain projects you’ll need to share the particular basic ingredients that will be used for further production, for making the samples with your raw material.

  • We produce the first experimental product samples. They serve for feasibility analysis: price, technical capabilities, quality, sensory parameters, etc.

  • After approval of the samples we sign the NPD contract and start development of the industrial solution for your new product.