Our Story


  • Built new global category of fermented ingredients for food industry and pharmacy sales channels (sub-categories: healthy food flavors, colors, oils and protein, food supplements, hybrids).

  • Created industrial recipe bank, spinned off a number of food-tech technologies to international players.

  • Made food safety and fair food concept globally viral…..


  • Launched Food-Tech Innovation Center in Bulgaria.

  • Signed our first systematic contracts and received scalable sales revenue.

  • Started our IP crusade on filing patents and accumulating assets based on our in-house food-tech developments.

  • Presented proprietary food-tech innovations at international food exhibitions


  • Got recognition from the scientific community. Spoke at scientific conferences, got appreciation of our in-house researches and food-tech innovations.

  • Certified all production into organic.

  • Integrated with Sofia TechPark / Bulgaria.


  • Chose food industry as the strategic direction

  • Tuned up to functional food sector by adding fermentation process to our technology

  • Obtained a EU food safety license for manufacturing food ingredients

  • Affiliated a talented recipe developer, celebrity chef and a winner of Hell’s Kitchen to lead our culinary R&D


  • Prize Winner at “Get in the Ring 2017”, startup competition

  • Raised capital from a professional angel and opened our joint stock company in Bulgaria.

  • Started building financial and legal corporate infrastructure.


  • Designed the prototype of the technology and produced the first samples. Participated in our first commercial exhibitions.

  • Did the first lab researches that have revealed extraordinary product characteristics for medicinal and culinary purposes.

  • Completed the first product research project in collaboration with Ankara State University