Our services

New product development

Our recipes and new product forms are our special offer to market innovators and leaders. By outsourcing food development projects to our team you can truly focus on your business

Expertise in industrial recipes

We specialize at healthy and organic food. Our network of 15,000+ of food professionals enables us to generate conceptual industrial recipes for:

  • Superfoods: Functional Snacks & Spreads
  • Dairy and Ice Cream
  • Raw confectionery
  • Sauces and Salad Dressings 

We also localize tastes to hit master markets: Middle East  & Europe.

Expertise in marketing modeling

We use our proprietary author method on new product testing:

  • Packaging
  • Key message
  • Target groups and new geographic regions
  • Pricing

The results of using the method can be uploaded into financial and sales models, capable of cutting new product launch risks 7 times.

Expertise in products concept

New products open new horizons for producers: entry to new markets, reaching new consumer groups and building up competitive advantage. We develop product concept (marketing positioning based on the recipe)  techniques Blue Ocean, TRIZ and Antifragile.

Expertise in technical solutions

Beyond genius recipes new product launches require technical solutions on packaging, devices, gadgets and industrial process redesign. Envision our technical team as your outsourced support on such solutions.

Private label service

It is the way to create your own “exclusive” product line. We can express the main idea of your Brand through our live spices. You can do it even without spending time blending your recipe and flavor palette. We could advise you on packaging, blending, label design and assist you with the logistics and the organic certification.

Join us, if you’re from one of the category below:

  • Restaurants: food vendors , restaurants with gift shops, chefs, caterers.
  • Stores: olive oil stores, spice and tea shops, grocery, gourmet markets, retailers, grill and appliance stores.
  • Enthusiasts: food bloggers, entrepreneur with a unique blend, BBQ grilling/cooking enthusiasts, corporate gifts.
  • Clinics & Scholl: ayurveda doctors, nutritionists.

Benefits using private labeling service:

  • On your market:introducing new products, entering new markets, differentiate yourself from your competitors, deliver bolder, cleaner & more complex flavours, optimize your label as a premium brand.
  • Into your company:increasing profits, reducing production and operational costs, increase customer loyalty with your own brand, greater pricing control with superior value.