Information For Suppliers

We develop and produce 100% organic food products:

We put our best effort to use only unmodified and safe ingredients


Fair trade

Sustainable raw materials

We don`t use

We are committed to use no components we believe to be microbiome and health integrity damaging:

No artificial or faking aromas, flavors, colorants

No oleoresins

No essential oils


No artificial ingredients

No alcohol

No solvents

No food preservatives

No doubtful manipulative ingredients

No processing solutions that modify the еingredient’s formula to harm human health

We buy

Herbs and spices (

Super foods categories: fruit powder, seaweed, tea, probiotic


Packaging (glass jars, bottles, alternative bio-degradable innovative packaging)

How we buy:

First, we review

a. document package (organic certificate, product specification, etc.)

b. prices

c. available one-time and annual capacity

Second, we review the physical samples of the product

a. 1-3 kg for food ingredients

b. 10-12 units for packaging

Third, for some ingredients we purchase a pre-contract min production batch for running an industrial trial

Forth, for all systematic (not one-time) purchases we sign Purchasing contract

Fifth, purchasing START

With all sourcing offers please contact us by:

Thank you for considering us as your partner