Product Concept

The only in the world organic syrup line with real herbs and spices without thermal treatment and without usage of any dangerous or artificial ingredients. Safety first. Pleasure and functionality second. The rest matters not. Low GI healthy sweetness now welcomed at fitness/sports bars, organic retail and HoReCa, ok for diabetics & kids.

No artificial flavors

No added colors

No added preservatives

No sugar added

Some more benefits

Low Glycemic Index. Concentrated syrup. New Proprietary Formula. Own production.

Our organic syrups

For Kids

In milk shakes, ice-cream, desserts, as topping for pancakes, waffles. A low glycemic index switch from conventional sweets.

Acceptable for diabetes

Fructose based / low GI sweetener. Suitable for no-sugar diets when consumed moderately.

“Free From” healthy diet

Free from any artificial ingredients, alcohol extracts, sugar and doubtful syrup base. Free from allergens: honey, gluten, soy, nuts, animal origin ingredients.

Our organic syrups

Syrups that you are already able to buy:

  • Organic Syrup Toffee Dulcet
  • Organic Syrup Gingerbread
  • Organic Syrup Green Cardamon
  • Organic Syrup Garden Mint
  • Organic Syrup Loved Lavender
  • Organic Syrup Arabic Coffee
  • Organic Syrup Wild Berry

And syrups coming soon:

  • Organic Syrup Strawberry
  • Organic Syrup Spicy Beetroot
  • Organic Syrup Chocolate Story
  • Organic Syrup Italian Night
  • Organic Syrup French kiss
  • Organic Syrup Spice’n Mango
  • Organic Syrup Banana Party
  • Organic Syrup Sweet Curry
  • Organic Syrup 4 peppers
  • Organic Syrup Cinnamon
  • Organic Syrup Happy Mood
  • Organic Syrup Sleep well
  • Organic Syrup Happy Gut

We offer customized private label products for retail and food service markets in wide variety of packaging formats.

EU Food safety license

Organic Certificate

Minimum order quantity for private label – min order 600 liters / your product line (max 6 items).